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No Odor Solvent Based Ink will be on Show .
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Micoll® No Odor Solvent Based Ink is a kind of envirionment friendly outdoor ink.irritating was reduced  and harmful substance was excluded, leading to crisp, fresh and clean-smelling workshop air. Micoll no odor Solvent-based Inks are designed for all inkjet printers equipped with Spectra Polaris™, Konica Minolta™, SPT™, Starfire™ and Xaar™ printheads, and they are perfectly compatible with those printheads specifications chemically and physically.

No odor Solvent Based Ink Series:

No odor Seiko Sk4 Solvent Ink

No odor Konica 512i Solvent Ink

No odor Polaris PQ512 Solvent InK

No odor Starfire 1024 Solvent Ink 

New type no odor solvent based ink will be on show in Shanghai the 26th Int`l  AD&SIGN Technology&Equipment Exhibition.For details, please pay attention to our recent company news.